Calendar of the festivities

See also the monthly diary (Site of the Municipal authorities)

Dates of large fires:

1er Saturday after the Shrove Tuesday: Acoz

1er Sunday after the Shrove Tuesday: Gerpinnes-center

22nd Saturday after the Shrove Tuesday: Gougnies

22nd weekend after the Shrove Tuesday: Hymiée

32nd Saturday after the Shrove Tuesday: Joncret

42nd Saturday after the Shrove Tuesday: Depressions and Fromiée

52nd Saturday after the Shrove Tuesday: Villers-pottery

Local fairs:

Weekend of the Rise: Loverval (Try d' Haies)

22nd weekend of July: Acoz

32nd weekend of July: Villers-Poterie

Last weekend of July: Lausprelle

1er weekend of August: Joncret

August 15: Gerpinnes (Rochelle-Quairelle)

Last weekend of August: Les Flaches

32nd weekend of September: Fromiée

4e weekend of September: Gougnies

Last weekend of September: Gerpinnes-center

1er Sunday of October: Hymiée

Breakings of glass

Easter Sunday:

14h00: Villers Poterie

20h00: Les Flaches

Easter Monday:

14h00: Gougnies

15h30: Hymiée

18h00: Gerpinnes

Tuesday of Pentecost:

21h00: Joncret

22h00: Fromiée

last Saturday of June:

19h00: Acoz

Trade fair:

the weekend of Pentecost

The Sainte-Rolende Tower: Pentecost


First discharges in the honor of holy Rolende

2.30 pm Acoz, in the course of the castle (with the Fanfare royale d'Acoz)

3.00 pm Villers-Poterie, with the Sainte-Radegonde church.

3.30 pm Gougnies, rue de Châtelet.

6.00 pm Gerpinnes-center, place of the Market (3.00 pm taken flag with the St Michel church with the Harmonie Royale de Gerpinnes)

6.00 pm Joncret, vis-a-vis with the Saint Nicolas church.

6.00 pm Hymiée, vis-a-vis with the Saint-Etienne church.

7.00 pm Fromiée, vis-a-vis with the Sainte-Adèle church.

8.00 pm Les Flaches, Vieille Place.

10.00 pm military Retirement in the streets of Gerpinnes-center and other sections.


2.00 am alarm clock with the sounds of the fifres and drums in the streets of Gerpinnes-center.

3.00 am Large-mass of pélerinage in the St Michel church.

3.45 am Rigadoon on the square of the church and exit of the procession by the bodies of office of Gerpinnes-center and Villers-Poterie under the command of the drum major of Villers-Poterie.
The procession accompanying the mounting by holy Rolende will leave to achieve a tour of 35 km while passing by an immutable route:

Gerpinnes-center, departure with 3.45 am

Hymiée, arrived 4.10 am - departure 4.40 am

Hanzinne, arivée 5.10 am - departure 5.35 am

Tarcienne, made 6.35 am - departure 6.50 am

Bertransart, arrived 7.25 am - departure 7.55 am

Les Flaches, arrival 8.20 am - departure 8.40 am

Joncret, arrived 9.20 am - departure 9.50 am

Acoz, arrived 10.10 am - departure 11.10 am

Villers-Poterie, arrived 11.40 am - departure 1.30 pm

Gougnies, arrived 2.15 pm - departure 3.45 pm

Fromiée, arrived 4.25 pm - departure 4.45 pm

5.15 pm Arrived on the plain of Sartia where all the companies of walkers are gathered beforehand (more than 2.500 men in uniforms of the first and second empire). Military evolutions.

5.45 pm Departure of the first company (Hanzinne). Solemn re-entry of the holy-Rolende procession with procession of all the companies through the streets of Gerpinnes-center.

8.00 pm Discharge of the company of Hanzinne vis-a-vis to the grandstand. Parades of the drum majors and officers accompanied by batteries.


The morning, solemn and military mass in the churches of the various points of the entity, followed discharges and reception of the companies.


Saint-Pierre walk:

1er weekend of August

Saint Roch, Saint Frego walk:

Sunday after August 15

Acoz and Lausprelle

Saint-Hubert walk:

1er weekend from September in Loverval

Market of Christmas in nocture:

22nd Saturday of December
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