District of Belgium, on the river "Biesmelle", 50° 19' Lat. N and 4° 32' long. E at the crossroads of 2 important communication road, the N 574 (Nalinnes-Bultia) and the N978 (Châtelet/Florennes) and only at 12km of the very heart of Charleroi, Walcourt, Florennes, and at 18km of Philippeville, at 35 km of Dinant, 40 km of Namur, 45 km of Mons, 70 km of Brussels, 200 km of Luxembourg …

Gerpinnes is served by :

 Line S.N.C.B. Charleroi station

Airport Charleroi-Gosselies (Brussels South) bus to Charleroi station then one of the following lines:

Bus Line T.E.C. Charleroi station - Florennes

Bus Line E Charleroi (BeauxArts) - Bultia - Joncret - Acoz

Bus Line E Charleroi (Beaux Arts) - Bultia - Gerpinnes

Bus Line 10 Charleroi (BD Tirou) - Loverval

Bus Line D Charleroi - Villers Poterie
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